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Horse Race Betting — Betfair, Should You Go For Winners Or Losers?

omarcrouch, 31.07.2020 в 09:52

Since 1990 when a computer whiz called Andrew «Bert» Black developed the technology that enables betting exchanges to operate the horse racing fans options have widened. Before the punter was limited on backing a horse either to win or be second or sbobet third. The new exchanges improved the situation dramatically.

Now a punter can make whether or not to back a horse to win or lay it to lose. Many punters now focus on trying to find losers in lieu of winners. In the face it’s must be considerably easier. For instance in a 14 runner race there is only able to be one winner but you will see 13 losers. It sounds slightly being a «no brainer,» but it can be nearly that simple.

The drawback is one area called liability. When you place a bet while using bookmaker and provides him your stake money he agrees to offer normally far more if the horse wins. Well whenever you lay a horse you happen to be in the role of the bookmaker for the next punter, the one who thinks the horse you might be laying will win.

If it loses that is fine, you get to keep his stake money but whether or not this wins then you certainly pay him towards the agreed odds and that I your liability. So if you have opted for lay the horse at 7.0 for A�10 in that case your liability will likely be A�60.

Betfair doesn’t give credit so one which just be involved you have to deposit some cash to your account. The minimum stake allowed is A�2 so if you are thinking about laying horses you may need a starting bank for at least A�100 and preferably A�200.

There is little doubt that the betting exchanges produce an exciting opportunity for punters to produce a make money from their wagers. Whether you in turn become a backer of horses or somebody who lays a horse to shed you’ll want to apply certain rules if you are to hit your objectives.

One of the big secrets to Betfair success, apart from choosing the right horses is learning how to control and build your bank. Never over extend your bank, never chase loses, never gamble with money that you just can’t afford to get rid of.


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